New product line

Jun de 2012

Our team of food engineers from Brazil, Uruguay, Argentine and Chile will meet during the week starting Feb 20 to formulate the newest product line.  It will consist of different types of isotonics, whey protein and the traditional milk line, completely renewed.

There is also a new soup line for the winter in the pipeline!

Vita Machine

Jun de 2012

After a few years of R&D, Café Automatic launched Vita machine in three models: HOT (only for hot drinks), COLD (only for cold drinks) and FLEX (for both systems simultaneously).

With a small size, this machine has a great advantage in its cooling system, reaching temperatures of 7º.

Trying always to make a good use of cutting-edge technologies, the enterprise developed a new version of Vita Machine improving its system even more. It has an automatic cup dispenser with a LCD display to show information, directions for use and marketing.